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Instructions for iPhones:

1) Put the cell phone into the phone clamp
2) Attached the mobile phone clamp to the monopod and tighten the screw
3) Stretch the monopod
4) Launch the cell phone camera application
5) Point the camera and press the shutter release button on the handle to take photo

Instructions for Androids OS including Samsung Galaxy, Sony, HTC, etc…:

Note that the Android OS is an open system with no unified standard. Some mobile phone manufacturers use the standard Android OS but others modify it to their own preferences. Even the same brand of may use different versions of the Android OS on different models in their line. The monopod supports most of the mainstream Android systems of release 4.2 or higher.

Please try the following steps if you have issues.
On Samsung phones, open the Camera Settings and change the function of the Volume button to Camera / Capture. (if this option is not available on your phone, please download Camera360 Ultimate app to access this feature)

1) Open the Camera
2) Click on the Gear icon to access the settings
3) Click on the Volume Key
4) Select the Camera Key option
5) Select “Capture” option

On other Android phones (with at least Android 4.0), use the free Camera360 Ultimate app.
Download camera360 Ultimate from the google play store

Open the Camera360 Ultimate, go to Settings > Advanced settings.
Open the Volume functions.
Select > Capture

If the shutter release button on the monopod does not take a photo on your cell phone, please try the following:
Check to see that the monopod’s plug is fully inserted into the headphone jack, especially if your cell phone is in a case. See if taking the phone out of the case makes a difference in the consistency of the connection.
Check the monopod with another cell phone to see if the monopod itself is working properly. iPhones work in default mode with the monopod, so that’s the easiest one to use for testing.
Check to see that the buttons on the side of the phone are not being pressed down by the cell phone clamp.
Check to see that the “Press” button on rubber sleeve is making proper contact with the shutter release micro-switch underneath it. If it has rotated or shifted, gently rotate the rubber sleeve until it makes good contact.
Check the version of the cell phone’s OS and assure that it meets the minimum requirements as shown above.

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