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Why don't we offer Free Shipping?

In today's world, many retailers will offer to ship your order to you at no additional charge claiming they are giving you Free Shipping.  Realizing that the majority of online shoppers are of adult age with credit cards, it must be obvious that there's no such thing as Free Shipping.  The USPS, UPS, FedEx and all other delivery companies charge money to deliver your package.

However, retailers have found that by increasing the price of their products by a small amount, they can absorb that cost into the price of doing business.  Here at our little corner of the world, we really do try to set our prices as low as we can and still justify being in business every day.  To that end, we want to be up front with you about why we still continue to charge shipping fees.

Keep in mind that the charges added on at the end of an order will include not only what the carrier charges us, but also some additional cost to cover the cost of the packaging, the printing of the label, the label itself, and any other additional materials such as tape, bags, padding, etc.  

Our average cost to ship an item using Priority Mail Flat Rate with a printed label, some protective packaging materials, some reinforcing tape, a business card and an invoice is $6.00. That does not include a cent of labor.  First Class average is $3.50 which we offer as a Flat Rate for orders weighing up to 4 oz.  So rather than charge more for our smaller, lightweight products to mask the cost of shipping, we choose to let our customers know exactly what they are paying for.

Most orders are packed and shipped within 24 hours.  We usually are working on orders from 9:00am until 11 or 12 noon.  So if you place your order in the afternoon, chances are it will ship out the next morning.  We strongly urge you to add our domain to your Safe Senders List or make an entry for our store in your address book in order to receive our emails regarding your order and tracking information.  Occasionaly we need to contact you regarding color selection, sizes or inventory issues, and we don't want you to have to wait to receive your order. If we don't hear back from you in a timely fashion, we will use your geocaching name to try and contact you via the Message app in
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